Now Booking Double Trouble Zydeco

Now Booking Double Trouble Zydeco

 Date Of Birth:

Born in 1991


Mallet, Louisiana


Musical Duo

 Benjamin and Bervick Guillory were immersed in Creole culture and lifestyle by their Creole speaking father and grandparents. Louisiana Creole is a French based Creole language. As teenagers they learned their maternal grandmother Mary Ann Carrier was related to the great Roy Carrier, Dikki du, and Grammy Award winner Chubby Carrier.  Their mother gave her son the very gift that would forever change their lives.  After much time working and developing it was time for their first big debut, Double Trouble Zydeco made their debut at The Zydeco Extravaganza. They recall being backstage and running into Buckwheat Zydeco. Buckwheat asked if they were about to play and decided to stay so he could see their performance. After their performance Buckwheat came to them, reached his hand out as if to give a handshake, and instead gave them a big hug. He told them they did a great job, and that he really saw potential in the twins. His advice was to always stay true to their roots, true to themselves, and always put God first.  The twins write and produce their own music together, for a traditional yet groovy Zydeco sound. Their joint and individual talents truly make a dynamic duo! These guys are exceptional men, wonderful family men, and truly good-hearted people. They have been humble and appreciative every step of the way. 

 Pricing upon request. 

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Offc number: 213 293 9828