Now Booking Billy Bob Thornton

Now Booking Billy Bob Thornton

About Billy Bob Thornton

Date of Birth/Age
Hot Springs, AR, United States

William Robert “Billy Bob” Thornton was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas on August 4, 1955. He moved to Los Angeles to escape the rural life, and he made it his mission to become a famous actor. He started out writing scripts, most of which were unsuccessful, and doing random jobs until he landed his debut in the 1987 film Hunter’s Blood.

Billy Bob Thornton continued to have roles in small films that turned out to be rather successful. One of his most prominent breakout roles, however, was in 1998 when he starred in Armageddon, the notorious science fiction film. In 2000, he was able to land a big directing gig and he directed a film adaptation of the book All the Pretty Horses. This film, released in 2000, starred Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz. He then began to act in more comedic roles, such as starring in the movie Bandits (2001) alongside Bruce Willis.

Billy Bob Thornton also dabbled in music a bit in the early 2000’s. He released a country music album called Private Radio and he was a cofounder of the rock band Boxmasters. More recently, he landed roles in some big-name productions such as Fargo (2014), The Judge (2014), Goliath (2016), and Bad Santa (2016).

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