Now Booking Mike Tyson

Now Booking Mike Tyson

About Mike Tyson

Brooklyn, NY, United States
Boxer, Actor

Mike Tyson’s birth name was Michael Gerard Tyson who was born on June 30th, 1966 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. Tyson is a professional boxer who is popular enough to ring a bell in both younger and old generations by hearing his name. His reputation and potential is powerful as well as the career he engaged. Tyson was able to keep high records even before he became professional. Tyson attained the youngest heavyweight champion in History even though he was deprived of classic body features of a heavyweight Boxer. Tyson attained his anonymous fame by being the champion in all three sanctions organizations (WBA, IBF and WBC). What to learn from Tyson is he always rises up to gain victories no matter how many times he falls. Along with plenty of victories, Mike also casted in numerous TV shows and movies including blockbuster hits like “The Hangover”.

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