Now Booking Sandra Bullock

Now Booking Sandra Bullock

About Sandra Bullock

Date of Birth/Age
Arlington, VA, United States
Movie Actress

Award-winning actress and producer Sandra Bullock, born 26th July, 1964 in Virginia, started her love affair with acting at Washington-Lee High School. Bullock continued studying acting at East Carolina University, although she dropped out before completing her degree, she ended up taking acting classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse Theatre. The legendary actress jumped from project to project before landing her breakthrough role in Speed, alongside Keanu Reeves. Bullock went on to star in the hits Miss Congeniality, Two Weeks Notice, 28 Days, The Lake House, The Proposal, Gravity, Ocean’s Eight, and Bird Box. While she’s got an extensive resume, and has collected a lot of awards, it was her outstanding performance in The Blind Side that earned her a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

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