Dell'Arte Soluções Culturais

Dell'Arte Soluções Culturais

Praia do Flamengo, 66, Bloco B - Sala 1814, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22210-030 Brasil

PH: 21-3235-8500

Our mission is to promote and produce shows with top-notch artistic and cultural content, always establishing partnerships with public and private sectors, credibility for investors involved and the firm compromise to develop values that benefit the society. Dell'Arte is one of the leading South American agencies in the fields of classical music, dance and jazz. We produce events of the foremost conductors, instrumentalists and singers as well as dance companies and orchestras from around the globe. Founded in 1984 by Myrian Dauelsberg, we are motivated by a passion for the performing arts in all its forms and a commitment to creative partnership with all sides of the arts industry whether in building careers, promoting concerts or putting together high-level series, festivals, special tours and projects.


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