Legends in Concert

Legends in Concert

Legends in Concert 4570 W. Post Rd. #100, Las Vegas, NV 89118 PH: 702-253-1333


With international acclaim and its storied history, Legends in Concert is known as the pioneer of live tribute shows and possesses the greatest collection of live tribute artists in the industry. Each legendary performer not only looks like the star they portray, but use their own natural voices to pay homage to their iconic music counterpart. Legends in Concert live tribute shows are known for their elaborate theatrical sets, magnificent costumes and full array of incredible special effects, including three-dimensional multimedia and multimillion-dollar, state-of-the-art lighting, laser and sound systems. An outstanding cast of accomplished tribute artists, talented singers and dancers, and a live orchestra comprised of some the top musicians in the industry, support each Legends in Concert production. The success of the Legends in Concert brand has also led to many performances and tours throughout the world.

This includes tours of Australia, Africa, Canada, China, Europe, Russia and surrounding countries. Submit your material via our ONLINE FORM. facebook.com/LegendsInConcert @LegendsConcert Genres: TRIBUTE ACTS, TRIBUTE BANDS

Books Shows in: United States, Canada, Australia, Africa, China, Russia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain