The band's journey started when the founder, Bryan Keith, learned at the early age of 6 that his passion was the art of music…specifically Zydeco music. Born and raised in the heart of Southwest Louisiana in a small town called Eunice, La., Bryan has always had a love for music. His dad, a local disc jockey, introduced him to music at a young age. Bryan grew up around different genres of music, but Zydeco captured his heart.

Throughout the years Bryan, was able to meet many musicians. Most are very well known today. At the young age 6, he picked up his first rub board and was able to play alongside Mr. Willis Prudhome. Around age 11, he began learnng to play the guitar. He spent many days and nights teaching himself the art of the guitar. As years passed, Bryan picked up many talents with other instruments. Using what he had learned and tips from many musicians before him, he was able to take his guitar on the road to play with other musicians. At age 17, Bryan started to play with T Broussard. With the help of T Broussard and others in the band, Bryan was able to learn how play to all instruments in the band. He taught himself how to play the accordion, guitar, and 6 other instruments to date. Bryan has had the pleasure of traveling around the world with the band; which has given him great exposer to the “Zydeco Music World”.

In 2011 Bryan decided to embark on a new adventure. He wanted to be the voice behind the microphone. Bryan started his own band Bryan Keith and Zydeco Legacy. Since the start of his own band, Bryan has been able to travel and perform for many people. With the knowledge he has gained over the years and his love for the music, Bryan has high hopes of releasing his first album in the upcoming year.


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