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MARCH, 22 1978






Born March 22nd 1978- Garshar "Songbird" Christopher is an artist/singer-songwriter from Dallas, TX, and like many singers, her musical roots started out with her singing in the church when she was about 3 years old. Garshar grew up in a musically inclined family, as her mother, Patricia Ann, was a singer-songwriter and self-taught pianist, who started out in the church, as well, singing with her mother and sisters in a quartet group. Her grandfather, Paul Hooper, was a singer-songwriter and the founder of the well-known quartet gospel group, called "The Heavenly Travelers" of Sunny South Dallas. Garshar grew up listening to her musical family and many recordings of known R&B/Soul and Gospel artists her mother would play around the house, and as she grew older, she began to take interest in Rock, Pop, Country, Hip Hop and many other genres of music, which gave inspiration to her sound and style, today.

During high school, Garshar was introduced by a classmate to the multi-cultural group at her high school in Garland, TX, when she was 15, which allowed her to find comfortibility and to become more sociable around others singing. After a little experience with the multi-cultural group, Garshar ended up relocating to a different high school in Dallas, where she became a part of the choir and started entering talent shows, which earned her the name Songbird by one of her musical high school peers. While in high school, Garshar became a teen parent at 16 and put focus on completing high school, raising her son, as well as her daughter, that came along soon after graduating high school. Once graduating college, in her early 20s, Garshar met a producer and percussionist by the name of K-Lock, who started working with her and helping to develop her sound; later introducing her to Erykah Badu, where Garshar would begin to sit in at rehearsals and even open at a night club that Erykah opened up in South Dallas, in the early 2000s. This is when Garshar became most inspired to sing and pursue a musical career, due to the vibe of the whole artistic Neo-Soul era.

After some time, Garshar went her own way and started finding work as a background singer for many local and upcoming artists in Dallas, which is where she gained more experience in sharpening her skills as a vocalist. After failed attempts with groups and entertainment companies, Garshar pressed on to try her luck at becoming a solo artist; performing in many shows, musical plays, and putting out her first EP, titled "Garshar The EP" in 2017, as well as a few singles, which has gotten her name known to a few around the way in many of the musical circles. Today, Garshar is currently working on new music and collaborations with many other local and indie artists, as well as her own two albums, "Neva Gonna B Perfec" and "Love Language". Also, be on the lookout for Garshar as one of the co-hosts for the up and coming Youtube show, "Artificial Conversations", that will start airing soon this year, in 2023






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