JaLi is making his vocal aplomb known in the music world with his new debut love song “Holding U.”

JaLi was born in Columbus, Georgia and raised in Phenix City, Alabama. He attended a Catholic private school earlier in his childhood, an experience he values, and public schools later on. JaLi was a very active young person who became involved in a range of activities from sports to music. However, music proved to be his true passion. His name is a derivative of Jay Fly a nickname given to him because of the nice business attire he wore everyday while in a co-op business program in high school. His life time friend Fred Howard creatively came up with the JaLi moniker.

JaLi also credits church as incubating his first forays into music. While as a teenager JaLi “met a group of brothers that had the same passion as me vocally in junior high school” he shares. They formed a group and recorded some songs they wrote and passed them out to everyone they knew. His mom also put him and the group in every show possible. The response to their music was nothing short of inspiring.

JaLi credits his life experience with giving him his deep appreciation for love ballads. “The fact that I’ve been in love and also traveled the world and have seen love shared by strangers influences my music” revealed JaLi. He also revealed the qualities he desires in a love interest “God fearing, loving, respectful, loyal, and can throw down in the kitchen among many other things!” When asked what we should expect in his upcoming album and projects JaLi states “songs with substance, beautiful love melodies, and deep thoughts recorded with a back in the day sound.”



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