About Lisa Lisa

New York City, NY, United States
Musical Artist
Lisa Velez

One of the greatest Latin Hip Hop/Freestyle/Pop Divas to come out of the 1980’s music scene is the legendary Lisa Velez also known as Lisa Lisa of the 80’s supergroup Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam.

Produced by Full Force, Lisa Lisa’s break out hits such as “I wonder If I Take You Home”, “Can You Feel The Beat” and “All cried out” helped to launch the underground genre of “Freestyle Music” into mainstream.

Later Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam crossed over on to the pop charts with their second album “Spanish Fly” with mega hits like “Head to Toe” and “Lost In Emotion”. SHE WAS THE FIRST Puerto Rican / Latino artist to cross over to the Pop and R&B charts. Both albums shot straight up the charts to platinum status several times over with most of the albums singles going gold at the same time. Just as the 90’s rolled in Lisa Lisa’s C&C Music Factory produced hit ‘Let the beat hit em” took off to the top of the dance charts!

Soon after Lisa began an acting career. She played the mother on Nickelodeon’s TV series “Taina”, then later made appearances on NBC’s Law and Order SVU.

Some of her biggest hits have been re-recorded by “Allure & 112, Nina Sky, and The Black Eye Peas.

Not only did Lisa Lisa set the music bar high for those to come later but she set fashion trends as well. Born and raised in the “Hell’s Kitchen” section of New York City, Lisa’s hair flipped over one eye and her unique style caught fire in the urban community. Soon after she hit the airwaves young girls everywhere were dressing and singing like the 80’s icon.

Lisa Lisa paved the way for an entire generation of Latino American artist to follow in her footsteps such as Selena, J-Lo, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Cardi B and many more. She is defiantly a pioneer and a trendsetter of an entire generation.

After more than 30 years of being a trailblazer in the music business, gracing the acting world and setting the bar for her Latino community, Lisa’s journey is far from over.

Lisa and her power house management team “Uncle Snoops Army” (Snoop Dogg), “Bobby Dee Presents” (Bobby Dee) and Menage Works Inc (Toni Menage) are working on bringing some amazing things to her long time supporters, fans and friends.

Lisa Lisa continues to tour the world with her band SoDisrespectful Music along with her incredible dance ensemble. She continues to embark on new adventures with new tours, new music, television, merchandising and much much more so stay tuned!

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