Now Booking MoLovve

Now Booking MoLovve

Born, In Wilmington, North Carolina, Up and coming writer and music sensation Moniquca “MOLOVVE” Franks is a diamond in the ruff. Raised mostly in Atlanta Georgia, Mo attended 5 different high schools so she learned how to create fans and make friends on the go.

Growing up listening to her mother play  R&B Classics like  “Love and happiness” made music and family her happy place. Soon her family realized that Mo had talent and encouraged her to out more time and effort into her vocal skills.

An avid fan of early 90’s neo soul musicians like Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, MoLovve makes music that her fans CAN FEEL and vibe too. Her ability to powerfully belt any song out of her small frame and then simultaneously move right into a hip hop and rock and roll flow that crosses all music genera is something special

With several movie score placement credits like her songs, “Mixed Signals” in “Christmas Proposal “ and “C.S.R” in “Situationship” , MoLovve is well on her way to hall of fame status in writing and song composition.


With the release of some her latest tracks “MoPinpin” , “XxxxL” Featuring her little brother “TiggyInHerDms” where she flexes her rapping skills, she has sparked the attention of several label executive and A&R’s looking to develop her career. The future looks bright for this triple threat. Stay tuned for what's next!  



Pricing upon request. 

Contact booking agent Adela Pourciau 


Offc number: 213 293 9828