Nelccia is an R&B songstress from Cleveland, Ohio with a one of a kind voice and an intuitive understanding of her generation’s language for heartbreak. She grew up with a mother who sang and in a household that was drenched in music from sun up to sundown. She started off singing background for her mom and also in the children’s choir at church.

Her vocals are strikingly immediate, conveying an emotional complexity and maturity far beyond her years. . With over 1 Million+ streams and features with artists like Wale, the texture of her voice is an instrument all in itself, spiritually recalling the emotional nuances of her idols, Jasmine Sullivan, Beyoncé, and Jamie Foxx, while carving out her own distinct path. Her lyrics intuitively speak directly to the unique challenges of her generation, compelling younger fans to find what they were looking for. Just as her words speak to her peers, her sound speaks to everyone; even in the early stages of her career. Her magnetic, raw performances sculpt a lane for many to follow.


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