SINGER/SONGWRITER ARTISTS or BANDS with Male or Female Vocals are needed by the Senior V.P. of A&R at a Major Record Label that's searching for Fresh, New Talent!

This A&R Executive is searching for acts that would appeal to fans of the following references that we got directly from them:

"Cautionary Tale" by Dylan LeBlanc

"Lucky Man" by Richard Ashcroft

"evergone" by Christina Perri

"Best Day Of My Life" by Tom Odell

Send them well-composed, modern Singer/Songwriter Songs with honest lyrics and heartfelt performances that showcase your unique artistic style and sound. Your submissions should have compelling melodies, memorable choruses, and solid arrangements. Acoustic-based instrumentation (Piano or Acoustic Guitar-led) in the general wheelhouse of the references will work best for this request. Expressive, well-performed vocals are required, as well. Please be sure your production is polished, and if you choose to use any virtual instruments or samples, they need to be high-quality and not dated.

WENTCO Tip: This listing is looking for a modern take on the Singer/Songwriter style of artists like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King. They are NOT after Vintage Singer/Songwriter, Classic Rock Era Songs, or Songs with lots of modern electronic beats and elements. Please study the references to really understand the style and sound this Executive is after.

IMPORTANT: The Executive is interested in artists and bands that are the total package (great songs, superstar image, excellent production) and have gained some traction from actively working on their careers. Please detail (in your bio) what you are doing with your career. Include any impressive touring, fan base, sales, streaming, or social media figures. That said – if you’re a new artist or band just starting out and don’t have much of a story or track record, but you DO have an amazing sound and some killer tracks to back it up, they still want to hear you!

WENTCO Tip: We recommend submitting at least 2 Songs per submission so they can see if you’ve got depth in your material.

Your recording quality needs to be clean, clear, and well-balanced so that it represents your Songs well. Do NOT copy the referenced examples in any way, shape, or form. Use them only as a general guide for texture and tone.

Please submit as many Songs as you'd like, online or per CD, and please include lyrics, photos, and a bio. All submissions will be screened by a WENTCO A&R Team Member who has a strong relationship with the Executive. 


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